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本文摘要:Rule 1 The Game, Player Conduct and the Rules规则1 高尔夫球运动、球员行为和规则Purpose of Rule:规则的目的:Rule 1 introduces these central principles of the game for the player:规则1向球员先容了以下几条高尔夫球运动的焦点原则:Play the course as you find it and play the ball as it lies


Rule 1 The Game, Player Conduct and the Rules规则1 高尔夫球运动、球员行为和规则Purpose of Rule:规则的目的:Rule 1 introduces these central principles of the game for the player:规则1向球员先容了以下几条高尔夫球运动的焦点原则:Play the course as you find it and play the ball as it lies.在球场的现有状况打球和在球的现有位置打球。Play by the Rules and in the spirit of the game.遵照规则打球和尊重这项运动的精神。You are responsible for applying your own penalties if you breach a Rule, so that you cannot gain any potential advantage over your opponent in match play or other players in stroke play.如果你违反了某条规则,那么你有责任对自己施加处罚,从而使自己不会获得任何高于比洞赛对手或比杆赛其他球员的潜在利益。1.1 The Game of Golf高尔夫球运动Golf is played in a round of 18 (or fewer) holes on a course by striking a ball with a club.高尔夫球是在球场行用球杆击打一个球,完成一轮18个(或更少)球洞的运动。

Each hole starts with a stroke from the teeing area and ends when the ball is holed on the putting green (or when the Rules otherwise say the hole is completed).每个球洞的角逐均从发球区的击球开始,当球在推杆果岭上进洞后(或者规则另行划定该洞已完成后),这个球洞的角逐即竣事。For each stroke, the player:每次击球,球员都要:Plays the course as he or she finds it, and在球场的现有状况打球Plays the ball as it lies.在球的现有位置打球。But there are exceptions where the Rules allow the player to alter conditions on the course and require or allow the player to play the ball from a different place than where it lies.可是,规则有时也会允许球员改变球场上的状况并要求或允许球员从另一个地方而非现有位置打这个球。1.2 Standards of Player Conduct球员的行为尺度1.2a Conduct Expected of All Players球员的行为准则All players are expected to play in the spirit of the game by:规则期望所有球员都能尊重本项运动的精神,根据以下方式打球:Acting with integrity – for example, by following the Rules, applying all penalties, and being honest in all aspects of play.诚信自律——例如遵守规则,严格实施处罚,真诚坦荡。

Showing consideration to others – for example, by playing at a prompt pace, looking out for the safety of others, and not distracting the play of another player.为他人着想——例如快速打球,顾及他人宁静,不滋扰其他球员打球。Taking good care of the course – for example, by replacing divots, smoothing bunkers, repairing ball-marks, and not causing unnecessary damage to the course.悉心掩护球场——例如铺回铲起的草皮,平整沙坑,修理球痕,以及不使球场遭到不合理的损伤。

There is no penalty under the Rules for failing to act in this way, except that the Committee may disqualify a player for acting contrary to the spirit of the game if it finds that the player has committed serious misconduct.对于不根据上述方式行事的球员,规则自己并没有处罚。可是,如果委员会认为某球员的行为严重不妥,该球员可以因为行为有悖本项运动的精神而被取消角逐资格。

Penalties other than disqualification may b imposed for player misconduct only if those penalties are adopted as part of a Code of Conduct under Rule 1.2b.取消资格以外的处罚,只有当其被纳入规则1.2ba里的“行为准则”时,才会施加。Rule 1.2a Interpretations:规则1.2a释义1.2a/1 – Meaning of Serious Misconduct行为严重不妥的意思The phrase “serious misconduct” in Rule 1.2a is intended to cover player misconduct that is so far removed from the expected norm in golf that the most severe sanction of removing a player from the competition is justified. This includes dishonesty, deliberately interfering with another player’s rights, or endangering the safety of others.规则1.2a中“行为严重不妥”一词旨在席卷与高尔夫球运动所期望的行为尺度相去甚远,以至于应当施加将球员从一场角逐中取消资格这一最严厉的处罚的球员不妥行为。这种行为包罗不诚信、居心故障另一名球员的权利,或者危及他人的宁静。The Committee must determine if the misconduct is serious considering all the circumstances. Even if the Committee determines that the misconduct is serious, it may take the view that it is more appropriate to warn the player that a repeat of the misconduct or similar misconduct will result in disqualification, instead of disqualifying him or her in the first instance.委员会必须思量所有的情况以决议该不妥行为是否是严重的。

纵然委员决议该不妥行为是严重的,也可以思量更适当的处置是对该球员举行警告,即如果该不妥行为或类似的不妥行为再次发生将导致其被取消资格,而不是第一次就将他/她取消资格。Examples of actions by a player that are likely to be considered serious misconduct include:球员的一些行为有可能被视为行为严重不妥,这些行为的例子包罗:Deliberately causing serious damage to a putting green.居心导致推杆果岭受到严重的损伤。Disagreeing with the course setup and taking it on himself or herself to move tee-markers or boundary stakes.对球场的设置持差别意见,而且他/她自己擅自移动发球区标志或界桩。

Throwing a club towards another player or spectator.把球杆扔向另一名球员或观众。Deliberately distracting other players while they are making strokes.当其他球员在击球时,居心滋扰该球员。

Removing loose impediments or movable obstructions to disadvantage another player after that other player has asked him or her to leave them in place.在另一名球员已经要求他/她把散置障碍物或可移动故障物留在原处后,为了对该球员造成倒霉而移走该散置障碍物或可移动故障物。Repeatedly refusing to lift a ball at rest when it interferes with another player in stroke play.比杆赛中,当一个静止中球故障了另一名球员打球时,频频拒绝拿起这个球。

Deliberately playing away from the hole and then towards the hole to assist the player’s partner (such as helping the player’s partner learn the break on the putting green).居心把球打向远离球洞的偏向,然后再打向球洞,以资助该球员的同伴(例如在推杆果岭上资助该球员的同伴带线)。Repeatedly using vulgar or offensive language.频频使用粗俗的或挑衅性的语言。Using a handicap that has been established for the purpose of providing an unfair advantage or using the round being played to establish such a handicap.使用出于不妥得利的目的而建设的差点,或者使用当前正角逐轮次来建设这样的差点。

Examples of actions by a player that, although involving misconduct, are unlikely to be considered serious misconduct include:球员的一些行为只管涉及行为不妥,但不太可能被视为行为严重不妥,这些行为的例子包罗:Slamming a club to the ground, damaging the club and causing minor damage to the turf.把一支球杆摔向地面,损坏了该球杆而且导致草皮轻微受损。Throwing a club towards a golfbag that unintentionally hits another person.将一支球杆扔向球包时意外砸到了另外一小我私家。Carelessly distracting another player making a stroke.不经意地滋扰到正在击球的另一名球员。1.2b Code of Conduct行为准则The Committee may set its own standards of player conduct in a Code of Conduct adopted as a Local Rule.委员会可以制定自己的球员行为尺度,将其写入“行为准则”并纳入“当地规则”。

The Code may include penalties for breach of its standards, such as a one-stroke penalty or the general penalty.该准则可以包罗违反其尺度的处罚,如罚1杆或一般性处罚。The Committee may also disqualify a player for serious misconduct in failing to meet the Code’s standards.如球员的行为不切合该准则的尺度,委员会也可以因为严重行为不妥而取消该球员的资格。See Committee Procedures, Section 5H (explaining the standards of player conduct that may be adopted).参见委员会处置法式,第5H部门(解释可以制定的球员的行为尺度)。

1.1 Playing by the Rules遵照规则打球1.3a Meaning of “Rules”; Terms of the Competition1.3a “规则”的寄义; 竞赛规程The “Rules” means:“规则”的意思是:Rules 1-24 and the Definitions in these Rules of Golf, and本《高尔夫球规则》的规则1~24和界说;Any “local Rules” the Committee adopts for the competition or the course.委员会为角逐或球场接纳的任何“当地规则”。Players are also responsible for complying with all “Terms of the Competition” adopted by the Committee (such as entry requirements, the form and dates of play, the number of rounds and the number and order of holes in a round).球员有责任遵守委员会制定的所有的“竞赛规程”(如报名要求、赛制、角逐日期、角逐轮次以及一轮角逐的球洞数目温顺序等)。See Committee Procedures, Section 5C and Section 8 (Local Rules and full set of authorized Model Local Rules); Section 5A (Terms of the Competition).参见委员会的处置法式,第5C部门和第8部门(当地规则和获批的完整当地规则范本);第5A部门(竞赛规程)。

1.3b Applying the Rules执行规则(1) Player Responsibility for Applying the Rules. Players are responsible for applying the Rules to themselves:球员执行规则的责任。球员有责任自觉执行规则:Players are expected to recognize when they have breached a Rule and to be honest in applying their own penalties.违反了规则后,球员应当认识到这一点并老实地对自己施加处罚。>> If a player knows that he or she has breached a Rule that involves a penalty and deliberately fails to apply the penalty, the play is disqualified.如果球员知道自己已经违反某条规则并应受随处罚,但却居心不施加处罚,该球员要被取消资格。>> If two or more players deliberately agree to ignore any Rule or penalty they know applies and any of those players have started the round, they are disqualified (even if they have not yet acted on the agreement).如果两名或更多名球员居心协商无视任何他们明知适用的规则或处罚,而且他们中的任何一人已经开始这一轮角逐,这些球员要被取消资格(纵然他们尚未根据该协商行动)。

When it is necessary to decide questions of fact, a plyer is responsible for considering not only his or her own knowledge of the facts but also all other information that is reasonably available.需要判断事实问题时,球员不仅有责任思量自己相识到事实情况,另有责任思量其他可以合理获知的有用信息。A player may ask for help with the Rules from a referee or the Committee, but if help is not available in a reasonable time the player must play on and raise the issue with a referee or the Committee when they become available (see Rule 20.1).球员可以向评判员或委员会寻求规则方面的资助,可是,如果无法在合理的时间内获得资助,球员必须继续角逐,以后再寻机将问题反映给评判员或委员会(参见规则20.1)。

Rule 1.3b(1) Interpretations:规则1.3b(1)释义1.3b(1)/1-Disqualifying Players Who Know a Rule but Deliberately Agree to Ignore It球员们知道某条规则可是居心协商无视该规则将被取消资格If two or more players deliberately agree to ignore any Rule or penalty they know applies, they will be disqualified unless the agreement is made before the round and is cancelled before any player involved in the agreement begins his or her round.如果两名或更多名球员居心协商无视他们知道适用的任何规则或者处罚,他们将被取消资格。可是,该协商是在开始这一轮角逐之前举行的而且在到场该协商的任何球员开始他/她本轮的角逐之前被取消了时除外。

For example, in stroke play, two players agree to consider putts within a club-length of the hole holed, when they know that they must hole out on each hole.例如,比杆赛中,两名球员知道他们在每一个球洞都必须击球进洞时,协商将距离球洞一支球杆的长度规模内的短推视作进洞。While on the first putting green, another player in the group learns of this agreement. That player insists the two players who made the agreement hole out, and they do so.在第一个推杆果岭期间,同组的另一名球员知道了该协商。

该球员坚持要求告竣该协商的这两名球员击球进洞,之后这两名球员均击球进洞。Even though neither play who made the agreement acted on it by failing to hole out, they are still disqualified because they deliberately agreed to ignore Rule 3.3c (Failure to Hole Out).只管举行该协商的球员中没有任何人根据该协商接纳行动而未击球进洞,可是他们仍然要被取消资格,因为他们居心协商无视规则3.3c(未击球进洞)。

1.3b(1)/2-In Order to Agree to Ignore a Rule or Penalty, Players Must Be Aware the Rule Exists要想协商无视某一规则或者处罚,球员们必须知道该规则存在Rule 1.3b(1) does not apply and there is no penalty if players agree to waive a Rule that they are not aware of or fail to apply a penalty that they do not know exists.如果球员们协商不执行他们不知道的某条规则或者未施加他们不知道存在的某个处罚时,规则1.3b(1)不适用,不施加处罚。Examples where two players are unaware of a Rule, or where they have failed to apply a penalty, and therefore are not disqualified under Rule 1.3b(1), include:两名球员不知道某条规则,或者他们未施加某个处罚,并因此没有根据规则1.3b(1)被取消资格的情况,包罗:In a match, two players agree in advance to concede all putts within a specific length but are unaware that the Rules prohibit them from agreeing to concede putts in this way.比洞赛中,两名球员事先协商认可所有特定距离之内的短推,可是并不知道规则克制他们协商以这样的方式认可推球。Before a 36-hole match, two players agree that they will play only 18 holes and whoever is behind at that point will concede the match, not knowing that this agreement does not comply with the Terms of the Competition.在一场36洞的比洞赛之前,两名球员协商他们只举行18个球洞的角逐,之后落伍的那名球员将认输该场比洞赛,可是他们不知道这个协商有悖于竞赛规程。The match goes forward on that basis and the player behind after 18 holes concedes the match. Since the players do not know such an agreement is not allowed, the concession stands.比洞赛根据该协商继续举行,而且在完成了18个球洞的角逐后,落伍的那名球员认输了该场比洞赛。

由于这些球员不知道规则不允许举行这种协商,因此该认输有效。In a stroke-play competition, a player and his or her marker, who is also a player, are unsure if the relief area for ground under repair is one club-length or two. Unaware of the Rule, they agree that it is two club-lengths and the player takes relief by dropping a ball almost two club-lengths from the nearest point of complete relief. Later in the round the Committee becomes aware of this.比杆赛中,球员和他/她的记分员,该记分员也是一名球员,不确定整修地的调停区的规模应该是1支球杆的长度还是两支球杆的长度。

在不知道本规则的情况下,他们商定接纳两只球杆的长度,之后该球员接纳了调停,在离最近完全调停点差不多两只球杆的长度的地方抛了一个球。在本轮角逐竣事前,委员会知道了这个情况。Although neither player is disqualified under Rule 1.3b(1) because they were unaware of the Rule, the player has played from a wrong place and gets the penalty under Rule 14.7 (Playing from Wrong Place). There is no penalty for accidentally giving incorrect information on the Rules of Golf.只管任何一名球员都不会根据规则1.3b(1)被取消资格,因为他们并不知道本规则,可是该球员已经组成从错误的地方打球,而且要根据规则14.7(从错误的地方打球)受随处罚。

规则对不慎提供了错误的高尔夫球规则的信息的行为不予处罚。(2) Accepting Player’s “Reasonable Judgment” in Determining a Location When Applying the Rules.执行规则时接受球员在决议位置方面的“合理判断”。

Many Rules require a player to determine a spot, point, line, area or other location under the Rules, such as:许多规则要求球员根据规则决议一个所在、一条线、一片区域或其他位置,例如:>> Estimating where a ball last crossed the edge of a penalty area,预计球最后穿越罚杆区边缘的点,>> Estimating or measuring when dropping or placing a ball in taking relief, or在抛球或放置球以接纳调停时的预计或丈量,>> Replacing a ball on its original spot (whether the spot is known or estimated).把球放置回其初始位置(这个点可能是已知的,也可能需要预计)。Such determinations about location need to be made promptly and with care but often cannot be precise.决议这些位置需要快速、审慎,但经常没有措施做到准确。So long as the player does what can be reasonably expected under the circumstances to make an accurate determination, the player’s reasonable judgment will be accepted even if, after the stroke is made, the determination is shown to be wrong by video evidence or other information.只要球员在其时情况下尽其所能做了准确的决议,其合理判断就将被接受,纵然击球后有视频证据或其他信息显示此前的决议是错误的也依旧如此。

If a player becomes aware of a wrong determination before the stroke is made, it must be corrected (see Rule 14.5).如果球员在击球前意识到自己的决议是错误的,必须予以纠正(参见规则14.5)。Interpretations Related to Rule 1.3b(2):规则1.3b(2)的相关释义6.1/1 – What to Do When One or More Tee-Markers are Missing一个或多个发球区标志丢失时如那边置9.6/2 – Where to Replace Ball When It Was Moved from Unknown Location球被移动但不知道初始位置时把球放置回那边17.1a/2 – Ball Lost in Either Penalty Area or Abnormal Course Condition Adjacent toPenalty Area球在罚杆区或毗邻罚杆区的异常球场状况内遗失17.1d(3)/2 – Player Drops Ball Based on Estimate of Where the Ball Last Crossed Edge ofPenalty Area That Turns Out to Be the Wrong Point球员基于预计的球最后穿越罚杆区边缘的点抛了球,之后证明是个错误的点1.3c Penalties处罚(1) Actions Giving Rise to Penalties. A penalty applies when a breach of a Rule results from a player’s own actions or the actions of his or her caddie (see Rule 10.3c).招致处罚的行为。

当球员本人或其球童的行为违反规则时,将施加处罚(参见规则10.3c)。A penalty also applies when:泛起以下情况,也将施加处罚:Another person takes an action that would breach the Rules if taken by the player or caddie and that person does so at the player’s request or while acting with the player’s authority, or某种行为由球员或球童做是违规的,但另一小我私家却在球员的要求下或者在获得球员准许后做了这种行为;The player sees another person about to take an action concerning the player’s ball or equipment that he or she knows would breach the Rules if taken by the player or caddie and does not take reasonable steps to object or stop it from happening.球员看到另一小我私家正要对球员的球或装备接纳行动,而且球员知道如果自己或球童接纳该行动是违规的,可是他/她却没有接纳合理的措施来阻挡或制止此事发生。

Rule 1.3c(1) Interpretations:规则1.3c(1)释义1.3c(1)/1-Action of Another Person Breaches a Rule For Player另一小我私家为球员接纳的行为违反了规则A player is responsible when another person’s action breaches a Rule with respect to the player if it is done at the player’s request or if the player sees the action and allow it.当另一小我私家的涉及球员的行为违反规则时,如果这种行为是在该球员的要求下发生的,或者如果球员看到这种行为并允许它发生时,球员要负担责任。Examples of when a player gets the penalty because he or she requested or allowed the action include:球员因为应他/她要求或允许发生的行为而受随处罚的情况,包罗:A player asks a spectator to move a loose impediment near his or her ball. If the ball moves the player gets one penalty stroke under Rule 9.4b (Penalty for Lifting or Deliberately Touching Ball or Causing It to Move) and the ball must be replaced.球员请一名观众将他/她的球旁边的散置障碍物移走。

如果这个球发生移动,该球员要根据规则9.4b(拿起或居心触碰球,或导致球移动的处罚)被罚1杆,而且这个球必须被放置回原位。A player’s ball is being searched for in tall grass. A spectator finds the ball and presses the grass down around the ball, improving the conditions affecting the stroke. If the player, seeing that this is about to happen, does not take reasonable steps to try to stop the spectator, he or she gets the general penalty for a breach of Rule 8.1a (Player’s Actions That Improve Conditions Affecting the Stroke).在长草中寻找球员的球。一名观众找到了这个球,同时将这个球周围的草向下按压,改善了击球情况。

如果该球员看到这种情况将要发生,却没有接纳合理的措施来制止这名观众,他/她要因为违反了规则8.1a(球员改善击球情况的行为)而受到一般性处罚。(2) Levels of Penalties. Penalties are meant to cancel out any potential advantage to the player. There are three main penalty levels:处罚的级别。处罚的本意是抵消球员获得的潜在利益。

共有三种主要的处罚级别:One-Stroke Penalty. This penalty applies in both match play and stroke play under certain Rules where either (a) the Potential advantage from a breach is minor or (b) a player takes penalty relief by playing a ball from a different place than where the original ball lies.罚1杆。无论比洞赛还是比杆赛,当根据某些规则发生如下状况之一时,即施加这种处罚:(a)违规所获的潜在利益微小;(b)球员举行罚杆调停,在初始球所在位置以外的地方打一个球。General Penalty (Loss of Hole in Match Play, Two-Stroke Penalty in Stroke Play). This penalty applies for a breach of most Rules, where the potential advantage is more significant than where only one penalty stroke applies.一般性处罚(比洞赛该洞负,比杆赛罚2杆)。

大多数违规情况下,球员违规所获的潜在利益比1杆更大,此时要施加一般性处罚。Disqualification. In both match play and stroke play, a player may be disqualified from the competition for certain actions or Rule breaches involving serious misconduct (see Rule 1.2) or where the potential advantage is too significant for the player’s score to be considered valid.取消资格。

无论比洞赛还是比杆赛,当球员的某一行为或违规涉及严重行为不妥(参见规则1.2)或所获潜在利益过大以致无法认定其结果有效时,该球员可能被取消此次角逐的资格。(3) No Discretion to Vary Penalties. Penalties need to be applied only as provided in the Rules:不得擅自更改处罚。

处罚只能凭据规则的划定予以施加。Neither a player nor the Committee has authority to apply penalties in a different way, and无论球员还是委员会,都无权另行施加处罚;A wrong application of a penalty or a failure to apply a penalty may stand only if it is too late to correct it (see Rules 20.1b(2)-(4), 20.2d and 20.2e).只有时限已过而无法纠正的情况下(参见规则20.1b(2)~(4)、20.2d和20.2e),才可维持错罚或未罚的效果。In match play, the player and opponent may agree how to decide a Rules issue so long as they do not deliberately agree to apply the Rules in the wrong way (see Rule 20.1b(1)).比洞赛中,球员和对手可以协商决议某个规则事项的处置惩罚方式,但不得居心协商用错误的方式执行规则(参见规则20.1b(1))。(4) Applying Penalties to Multiple Breaches of the Rules. If a player breaches multiple Rules or the same Rule multiple times before an intervening event happens (such as making a stroke or becoming aware of the breach), the penalty that applies depends on what the player did:对多重违规施加处罚。

如果球员在另一事件(如击打一杆或意识到违规)发生之前,违反了多条规则或多次违反同一规则,施加的处罚取决于球员其时的行为:When Breaches Resulted from Unrelated Acts. The player gets a separate penalty for each breach.无关行为导致违规。球员就各个违规行为划分受随处罚。When Breaches Resulted from a Single Act or Related Acts. The player gets only one penalty; but if the act or acts breached multiple Rules involving different penalties, the higher-level penalty applies. For example:单一行为或多个关联行为导致违规。

球员仅受一种处罚,可是,如果该行为所违反的规则涉及差别的处罚,则应施加较高级此外处罚。例如:>> Multiple procedural Breaches. If a player’s single act or related acts breach more thanone of the procedural requirements for marking, lifting, cleaning, dropping, replacing or placing a ball where the penalty is one stroke, such both lifting a ball without marking its spot and cleaning the lifted ball when not allowed, the player gets one penalty stroke in total.多重法式违规。在关于标志球、拿起球、擦拭球、抛球、把球放置回原位、放置球等规则中,违反法式上的划定的处罚是罚1杆,如果球员的单一行为或多个关联行为违反了多条法式上的划定,例如没有标志位置就拿起球,同时还在规则不允许的情况下擦拭了这个球,该球员总计被罚1杆。>> Playing Incorrectly Substituted Ball from a Wrong Place. In stroke play, if a player plays a substituted ball when not allowed in breach of Rule 6.3b and also plays that ball from a wrong place in breach of Rule 14.7a, the player gets two penalty strokes in total.从错误的地方击打错误的替换球。

比杆赛中,如果球员违反规则6.3b在规则不允许时打了替换球,同时他/她还违反规则14.7a在错误的地方打了这个球,则球员总计被罚2杆。>> Combined Procedural and Substitution/Wrong Place Breaches:In stroke play, if a player’s single act or related acts breach one or more procedural requirements where the penalty is one stroke and also breach one or both of the Rules against playing an incorrectly substituted ball and playing from a wrong place, the player gets two penalty strokes in total.法式违规和替换球/错误的地方违规的联合:比杆赛,如果球员的单一行为或多个关联行为违反了一条或多条法式上的划定(相应的处罚是罚1杆),同时还违反了打错误的替换球和从错误的地方打球中的一条或全部两条规则,则球员总计被罚2杆。

But any penalty strokes a player gets for taking penalty relief (such as a one-stroke penalty under Rules 17.1, 18.1 and 19.2) are always applied in addition to any other penalties.可是,球员因为接纳罚杆调停(如凭据规则17.1、18.1和19.2受到的1杆处罚)受到的任何罚杆Rule 1.3c(4) Interpretations:规则1.3c(4)释义1.3c(4)/1 – Intervening Event Between Breaches Results in Multiple Penalties多次违规中间存在介入事件时施加多重处罚When a player breaches multiple Rules or the same Rule multiple times, any relationship between the breaches is broken by an intervening event and the player will get multiple penalties.当球员违反多条规则或者多次违反同一规则时,这些违规之间的任何关联性均被介入事件打破,该球员要受到多重处罚。The three types of intervening events where the player will get multiple penalties are:球员将受到多重处罚的三种典型的介入事件是:Making a stroke. Example: In stroke play, a player’s ball is near a bush. The player breaks branches and this improves the area of intended swing (a breach of Rule 8.1a). The player makes a stroke, misses the ball, and then breaks more branches (a breach of Rule 8.1a). In this case, the stroke that missed the ball is an intervening event between the two breaches. Therefore, the player gets two separate two-stroke penalties under Rule 8.1a, for four penalty strokes in total.击球。



Putting a ball in play. Examples:把一个球投入角逐状态。例如:>> In stroke play, a player’s ball is under a tree. The player breaks tree branches, improving the conditions affecting the stroke, but then decides the ball is unplayable. The player drops a ball within two club-lengths under Rule 19.2c (Unplayable Ball Relief) and then breaks more tree branches. In addition to the one penalty stroke under Rule 19.2, the player gets two separate two-stroke penalties under Rule 8.1a for improving conditions affecting the stoke, for five penalty strokes in total.比杆赛中,球员的球停在树下。该球员折断了一些树枝,改善了击球情况,但随后决议这个球不行打。

该球员根据规则19.2c(不行打之球调停)在两支球杆的长度规模内抛了一个球,然后又折断了一些树枝。在根据规则19.2被罚1杆之外,该球员要划分两次因改善了击球情况而根据规则8.1a被罚2杆,总计被罚5杆。>> A player’s ball lies in the fairway and he or she accidentally moves the ball at rest. As required by Rule 9.4 (Ball Lifted or Moved by Player), the player replaces the ball and adds one penalty stroke. Before making a stroke, the player accidentally moves the ball again. The player gets an additional penalty stroke and must again replace the ball, for two penalty strokes in total.球员的球停在球道上,他/她意外地移动了这个静止中球。


该球员要分外再被罚1杆,而且必须再次把这个球放置回原位,总计被罚2杆。Becoming aware of the breach. Example:意识到违规。例如:In stroke play, a plyer’s ball lies in a bunker where the player takes several practice swings each time touching the sand. Another player advises the player that this is a breach of the Rules. The player disagrees and takes several more practice swings, again touching the sand before making a stroke. Correctly informing the player of the breach of the Rules is an intervening event and, therefore, the player gets two separate two-stroke penalties under Rule 12.2b (Restrictions on Touching Sand in Bunker), for four penalty strokes in total.比杆赛中,球员的球停在沙坑内,该球员在这个沙坑内举行了频频试挥,每次都触碰了沙子。


1.3c(4)/2-Multiple Breaches From a Single Act Result in a Single Penalty单一行为违反多条规则施加单一处罚A single act may breach two different Rules. In this situation, one penalty is applied. In the case of two Rules with different penalties, the higher-level penalty will apply.单一行为可能会违反两条差别的规则。在这种情况下,施加一种处罚。当两条规则涉及差别的处罚时,应施加较高级此外处罚。For example, a player presses down the grass behind his or her ball in play and improves the lie in the rough, accidentally moving the ball as well. This single act (that is, pressing down the grass) breached two Rules, Rule 8.1a (Actions That Improve Conditions Affecting the Stroke) and Rule 9.4b (Lifting or Deliberately Touching Ball or Causing It to Move) and only one penalty applies.例如,球员把他/她的角逐中球后方的草向下按压,改善了这个球在长草中的球位,同时意外地移动了这个球。

这个单一行为(即把草向下按压)违反了两条规则,规则8.1a(改善击球情况的行为)和规则9.4b(拿起、居心触碰球或导致球移动),但仅施加一种处罚。In this case, the penalty under Rule 8.1a is the general penalty and the penalty under Rule 9.4b is one penalty stroke. Therefore, the higher-level penalty applies and the player loses the hole in match play or must add a total penalty of two strokes in stroke play under Rule 8.1a and the ball must be replaced.此例中,规则8.1a划定的处罚是一般性处罚,规则9.4b划定的处罚是罚1杆。因此,施加较高级此外处罚,在比洞赛中该球员在本洞负,或者在比杆赛中,必须根据规则8.1a总计被罚2杆,而且这个球必须被放置回原位。1.3c(4)/3-Meaning of Unrelated Acts无关行为的意思Unrelated acts in the context of Rule 1.3c(4) are acts of a player that are of a different type or associated with a different process.规则1.3c(4)文本的无关行为是指球员的一些行为,这些行为是差别种别的或者与差别的处置法式相关。

Examples of unrelated acts where multiple penalties apply include:对无关行为施加多重处罚的例子包罗:Making a practice swing that touches sand in a bunker and bending an overhanging tree branch that interferes with the player’s swing.在沙坑内举行试挥触碰了沙子及弯曲故障了球员挥杆的悬在上方的树枝。Moving an immovable obstruction that improves the area of the player’s swing and pressing down grass behind the ball.移动不行移动故障物而改善了球员的挥杆区域及向下按压球后方的草。

Examples of related acts where only one penalty applies include:对关联行为仅施加一种处罚的例子包罗:Making several practice swings that touch sand in a bunker.在沙坑内举行了多次触遇到沙子的试挥。Asking for two different pieces of advice, such as what club the player used and what the wind direction is, both related to the process of selecting what club to use for the next stroke.征询两种差别的助言,例如球员使用的是哪支球杆和是什么风向,这两种助言都与下一次击球选择使用什么球杆有关。1.3c(4)/4-Not Replacing the Ball May Be Considered a Separate and Unrelated Act未把球放置回原位可能会被视为一个独立的无关行为In the example given in 1.3c(4)/2, a single act of pressing down grass and moving the ball breached two Rules (Rule 8.1a and Rule 9.4b) and resulted in a single penalty being applied under Rule 8.1a (Actions That Improve Conditions Affecting the Stroke).在1.3c(4)/2的例子中,向下按压草并移动了球的这个单一行为违反了两条规则(规则8.1a和规则9.4b),效果是根据规则8.1a(球员改善击球情况的行为)施加单一处罚。

However, Rule 9.4b (Lifting or Deliberately Touching Ball or Causing It to Move) requires that the moved ball be replaced and, if it is not replaced before the stroke, the player will get an additional penalty of two strokes under Rule 9.4b. The failure to replace the ball is considered a separate and unrelated act.可是,规则9.4b(拿起或居心触碰球、和导致球移动的处罚)要求将被移动的这个球放置回原位,如果在击球前没有把这个球放置回原位,该球员要分外根据规则9.4b被罚2杆。未把这个球放置回原位被视为一次独立的无关行为。

Rule 1.3c General Interpretations:规则1.3c通用释义:1.3c/1-Player Is Not Disqualified from a Competition When That Round Does Not Count违规轮次的结果无效时球员不会被取消整场角逐的资格In Competitions where not all rounds count, a player is not disqualified from the competition for being disqualified from a single round.在不是全部轮次的结果均有效的角逐中,球员不会因为在单唯一轮角逐中被取消资格而整场角逐被取消资格。Examples of when a player is not disqualified from the competition:球员不被取消整场角逐的资格的例子:In a handicap competition where the two best of four rounds count, a player mistakenly returns his or her scorecard with a higher handicap that affects how many strokes are received in the first round.差点角逐中,四轮角逐中结果最好的两轮有效。

在第一轮角逐中,球员错误地提交了他/她的写有虚高的差点的计分卡,这个虚高的差点影响到了所接受的差点杆数。Since the higher handicap affected the number of handicap strokes received, the player is disqualified from the first round of the competition and now has three rounds in which to determine his or her two best net scores.因为这个虚高的差点影响到了所接受的差点杆数,该球员在这场角逐的第一轮被取消资格,此时,该球员有三轮角逐来从中确定他/她的两轮最好的净杆结果。

In a team competition with four-player teams, where the three best scores for each round are added up to make the team’s score for each round, a player is disqualified from the second round for not correcting the play of a wrong ball. That player’s score does not count for the team score in the second round but the player’s score would count for any other round of the competition.在一场每队由四名球员组成的团体赛中,各队在每一轮的结果由该轮角逐中三个最好的结果相加来盘算。在第二轮,一名球员因没有纠正打错球而被取消资格。这名球员的结果不能用于盘算本队在第二轮角逐的结果,可是这名球员的结果可以用于盘算本队在该场角逐的任何其他一轮的结果。

1.3c/2-Applying Disqualification Penalties, Concessions and Wrong Number of Strokes in a Stroke-Play Play-Off比杆赛附加赛中应用取消资格的处罚、认可/认输以及错误杆数During a play-off in a stroke-play competition the Rules are applied as follows:在比杆赛的附加赛期间,按以下方式执行规则:If a player is disqualified (such as for making a stroke with a nonconforming club), the player is disqualified from the play-off only and the player is entitled to any prize that may have been won in the competition itself.如果球员被取消资格(例如因为用不合规的球杆击了球),该球员仅在附加赛中被取消资格,而且该球员有权获得其在本场角逐自己已赢得的任何奖项。If two players are in the play-off, one player is allowed to concede the play-off to the other player.在两名球员举行竞争的附加赛中,规则允许一名球员向另一名球员认输该附加赛。If Player A mistakenly gives the wrong number of strokes to Player B and that mistake results in Player B lifting his or her ball (such as when Player B thinks he or she has lost the play-off to Player A), Player B is allowed to replace the ball without penalty and complete the hole. There is no penalty to Player A.如果球员A错误地向球员B提供了错误的已打杆数,而且这个错误导致球员B拿起了他/她的球(例如球员B认为他/她已经在附加赛中负于球员A),规则允许球员B把这个球放置回原位,不受处罚,并完成该洞的角逐。